Air Quality

Air Pollution 101 | National Geographic

What is air pollution? Learn how greenhouse gasses, smog, and toxic pollutants effect climate change, and human health. ➡ Subscribe: ...

Air quality warnings issued as B.C. wildfires rage

Air quality warnings have been issued across three provinces as smoke from raging B.C. wildfires moves east into Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and some ...

Air quality in Western Washington

Andrew Winnikee with Department of Ecology called into KING 5 Mornings to talk about the smoky air over Western Washington.

Western Washington air quality update

KING 5's Ben Dery gives an update on the air quality.

Air Quality 101: The Basics

This video is an introduction to air quality standards and regulations related to public health and transportation, developed especially for Utah public officials, ...

Poor air quality: 7 ways to breathe easier | Vancouver Sun

Drastic air quality drop makes B.C. among worst in world

The air quality in B.C. is now among the worst on the planet. Sneha Kulkarni reports. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: ...

Air Pollution

029 - Air Pollution In this video Paul Andersen explains how air pollution is any chemicals in the atmosphere that negatively affect human health. Primary ...

EPA's 5 Indoor Air Quality Categories of Concern

Indoor Air Quality and Health Issues.

Athletes feel effects of air quality

KING 5's Vanessa Misciagna reports.

Smoke causing terrible air quality

The air quality is considered at a 'very high risk' at least until Monday.

Wildfire smoke creates air quality concerns in B.C.

Smoke from wildfires in B.C. is creating air quality concerns around the province and raising questions about the long term exposure to that kind of pollution.

This Is How Bad New Delhi's Air Pollution Is

Air pollution in New Delhi was 20 times that of safe limits last week. The Wall Street Journal's Karan Deep Singh carries an air quality monitor for a day to see ...

Wenatchee Valley weekend air quality clocks in as worst in the United States

Doug Reinertson, Director of Respiratory Therapy at Confluence Health says surprisingly, they haven't seen a large upswing in respiratory patients but adds if ...

Kona Packs Meeting Over Air Quality Concerns (Jun. 6, 2018)

Air quality affects Treasure Valley college athletes

Air quality affects everyone, but college athletic departments have to especially take it into consideration.

Many experiencing symptoms from unhealthy air quality

Air quality steadily improved through the day Monday, moving from the "hazardous" category to "unhealthy" by Monday afternoon. That's two levels up from ...

Puget Sound air quality back in unhealthy range

The "smoke storm" is being aided by winds from the west and wildfire smoke from the north and south.

HEALTHY HOME: How To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Do your windows sweat water inside during winter? Does winter bring more breathing problems to your household? You might just have an indoor air quality ...

NASA | Human Fingerprint on Global Air Quality Using new, high-resolution global satellite maps of air ...

Dr. Terry Tillaart - Air Quality Testing And It's Importance

Testing Air Filtration Equipment Before And After.

Air Pollution for Kids | #aumsum #kids #education #science #pollution

Air Pollution. Due to cutting of trees, burning of wood, burning of fossil fuels, smoke released from factories and industries, smoke released from vehicles our air ...

🇮🇩 Jakarta's air quality a major concern ahead of Asian Games | Al Jazeera English

The Asian Games are the world's second-largest sports event after the Olympics, with 14000 athletes taking part from 45 Asian countries. Those athletes will take ...

How our poor air quality affects our pets

The smoky conditions can be tough on our furry friends as well. What to look for to tell when they're struggling.